Natural diamond: nature’s miracle, wearer’s pride

Natural diamond: nature’s miracle, wearer’s pride

Natural diamonds are very rare and hence considered as nature’s miracle. It takes millions of years for a natural diamond to get into shape. As the very name suggests they are known as the hardest natural material existing on Earth. Natural diamond, which eventually adorns a woman’s neck, fingers and ears, are also known for their excellent heat conducting properties. Moreover, they have various industrial uses too. Exceptionally beautiful and bright natural diamond generally ends up being in the jewelry industry.

Formation of natural diamonds

A stone originating through geological process is generally termed as a natural diamond. Depending on the status of the diamond, some of them stand out to be extremely valuable. This means, you must have the proper knowledge to spot a natural diamond.

Spot natural diamond jewelry

Near about 30% of the mined diamonds of the world makes their way into the diamond jewelry industry. Mined stones that are the brightest, biggest and with vivid colors goes into the formation of natural diamond jewelry. It is a known misconception that majority of diamonds are colorless. However, this is not true in light to the diamond jewelry industry. Diamonds and rather available in all seven colors of the rainbow and those which are extremely lustrous are used to make exquisite colored diamond jewelry.

The fact that separates natural diamond from synthetic diamond is that the latter is artificial and supposedly flawless. Moreover, manmade diamonds acquire their form under a specific condition.

Now that the difference is clear, apply your knowledge while buying the most exquisite gem and be the belle of the ball.

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