Keeping It Raw and Real with Uncut Diamond

Keeping It Raw and Real with Uncut Diamond

Raw diamonds are loved for their untouched, pure state and natural beauty. Their value lies in their antique beauty. In fact, many are unaware of the fact that the cost of the raw diamond actually determines the price of a polished diamond.

The Untold Story

The cost of cutting and refining a diamond adds only a small percentage to its cost. Even if the diamond gets polished, the polished price is still determined by its worth in its original, raw form. It is a common belief that the cut of a diamond is the most essential cost deciding factor. But in reality, even the most perfect cut of a diamond adds only a tiny fraction to its overall value.

Just like their polished counterparts, raw diamonds are assessed on various factors, and each of them adds a different dimension to it. For example, a one-carat diamond could be valued higher than a two-carat diamond, if its brilliance is exceptional.

Natural is in Vogue!

In the recent years, the natural and intrinsic beauty of the raw diamond has come into vogue. They become an inspiration for numerous jewellery brands to create pieces using raw, unpolished diamonds. Setting moulds are designed around the diamond. So, unlike the cut variation, the uncut diamond is not processed to give it a uniform size and shape.

A uniqueness is achieved in each piece of raw diamond jewellery as no two rough diamonds are alike. The rugged feel of the precious stone provides an antique, classy look to the piece. These types of pieces are usually used in combination with other precious stones, to give them a fresh, innovative look.

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