The valuation of precious uncut rough diamonds – An insight

The valuation of precious uncut rough diamonds – An insight

People often go with cut and polished diamonds for jewelry. Evidently, the charm to buy rough diamonds gets overlooked even after being way cheaper per carat than the polished ones. The process of finishing is expensive and sophisticated, which increases its value. Here is the info on how exactly they get measured and valued.

About rough diamond

As the name suggests, a rough diamond doesn’t go through the process of polishing by a professional cutter and is popular as an uncut diamond. This process determines the sparkling look of diamonds, and so, the uncut ones appear less brilliant.

How the value gets determined?

To know what decides the value or makes the stone less or more valuable, we have to be familiar with the cutting and polishing procedures.

  • Color: Usually, there is a brownish or yellowish shade in the mined diamonds, which decreases the value if it has a strong presence. Those with less visible hue are colorless and rare, which eventually makes them more valuable.
  • Carat or weight of the diamond: Another factor that makes the diamond valuable is its weight. The unit of measurement is the diamond’s carat, which equals 200 milligrams. Big diamonds are rarer than smaller ones, and so, they are more valuable. Sometimes, a bigger one can also be less valuable than smaller ones because of the flaws present in it.

To sum up, all these factors contribute to the value of uncut rough diamonds appreciably. Besides, other minor aspects like shape and clarity are equally effective while you wish to buy rough diamonds.

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