Can you figure out the Genuine Raw Diamonds from the fake ones?

Can you figure out the Genuine Raw Diamonds from the fake ones?

Uncut diamonds, also popular as rough or raw diamonds, are the stones in pure form. They remain in their original shape and unpolished until an expert professional gives them a suitable design. However, ‘not all that glitters is gold’, and the same holds true for raw diamonds jewelry as well. You need to wear the expert’s hat to figure out if the one you are buying is indeed a raw diamond, whose chances are quite rare.

Some valuable Checklist…

  • Making sure it’s not a blood diamond.
  • Making sure it’s a mined, natural diamond and not man made diamond.
  • Make sure the transaction is compliance under the resolutions passed by the United Nations, for Rough Diamonds, under the Kimberley Process Scheme.

If you find the answer to these questions in affirmative, your diamond is raw. However, that fact of the matter is that the chances of finding a raw diamond, which satisfies all these criteria is 1 in a billion. Surprising, isn’t it? So next time you go to a diamond shop, or browse an online destination, be attentive.

Scratch it!

If you wish to test the authenticity of the suspected stone even more, scratching is the best idea. As you know, diamonds are popular for their hardness, hence scratching a stone (hardness rank of nine) with the suspected diamond would be an ideal test. Using an obsolete ruby jewelry or sapphire would be perhaps the best to test the possible raw diamonds.

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