Reasons You Must Add Uncut Diamond Jewellery to Your Collection

Reasons You Must Add Uncut Diamond Jewellery to Your Collection

In the recent years, the intrinsic and natural beauty of the uncut diamond has come into vogue. They have proved to become an inspiration for various jewellery brands to create jewellery pieces using unpolished, rough diamonds. Around the diamond, setting moulds are designed, as unlike a cut diamond, the uncut diamond is not processed to give it a uniform shape and size.

Antique is in!

Uniqueness is achieved in each piece of rough diamond jewellery, as no two raw diamonds are alike. The rugged look of the precious stone renders a classy, antique look to the piece. These types of pieces usually use other precious stones in combination with the diamond, to give them an innovative, fresh look.

As this type of jewellery makes use of chunky, unprocessed diamonds, they are the ideal choice for a range of occasions. They are generally coupled with simple attire to make them stand out better. People also love to adorn them for grand occasions such as weddings and other social gatherings.  Now, consumers personalise their style by selecting jewellery that showcase not only rough diamonds or polished diamonds individually, but also by using them in a combination in their collection.

Tips to Buy Rough Diamond Jewellery

  • Light: It is highly essential to buy by the daylight, on a pleasant weather day, as the true colour of the stone will appear only under these conditions.

  • Physical Properties: The rough diamond should be thoroughly analysed in terms of rough shape, crystallizations, deformations, internal stress etc. In addition, there is a dire need to determine its precise weight after it has been polished as well.

  • Diamond Tester: If one is buying for the first time, it is preferable to test the diamond with a diamond tester to assure oneself of its purity.
Indeed rough diamond jewellery is the latest swag among the aficionados of style. So why leave yourself behind? Flaunt your own rich and opulent lifestyle with these priceless diamond motifs.

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